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Do the Fords have their own gravy train going on?

Toronto Star: “Fords helped family client lobby for city print contract”

“RR Donnelley and Sons, the U.S. commercial printing giant that was vying for the City of Toronto’s printing operations with the help of Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug, is a client of the Ford family’s label business, a Globe investigation has found.”

Democracy watch:

The Ottawa-based governance group filed a complaint affidavit demanding an investigation into what it calls "inside government lobbying" by the Ford brothers.

Integrity Commissioner:

Integrity Commissioner Janet Leiper began an investigation after the Apollo revelations into allegations the mayor violated council’s code of conduct by using city-paid staff and resources for personal benefit. Since then, she has received requests that the probe be expanded to include Councillor Doug Ford and the allegations around their dealings with R.R. Donnelley.

City Manager Joe Pennachetti:

Asked if he was ever told Apollo was a client of the Ford family company, Mr. Pennachetti said: “I had no idea.”

Deputy City Manager John Livey:

Mr. Livey, one of the city’s top bureaucrats who attended the meeting at the factory two days after the inspection, said he would have handled the situation differently had he known about the Ford brothers’ commercial interest in Apollo. “I would have raised that with [the mayor]. I would have raised that obvious conflict,” he said.

Unanswered Questions:

You are alleged to have intervened with top city officials on behalf of both a client of your family’s company, Apollo Health and Beauty Care, and a firm your family’s company was hoping to do business with, RR Donnelley and Sons. Did you have a conflict of interest in each case?
Did you disclose your business relationships to the city officials?
Is this the kind of thing you would have criticized when you were a city councillor?

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